quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012


I believe I don't need to present myself again, but since this is a completely new place, let me do it.

Name's Nicolay. Eddy Nicolay. 1.85m. 23years old. What else do you really want to know about me? Well, I am a biker. Or, maybe I WILL become one, but for the fun of it, I call myself one.

So, it started in 2005... Just as a simple joke. 'Em boys in my neighbourhood making noise with their JOG 50 cc's... brrrrrrmmmmm, brrrrrmmmmmm. And I was like: why not me? So I tried. I almost crashed. I liked it. No, I loved it.

And so, years have passed. I tried it again, and again, and once again. Now it was time to try on a gear motorbike. A "real" one, I called it.

Not so fun until my little BeeWee came to my life. She's pretty, she's powerful, she's 100cc, and she's a YAMAHA. Yes, the January 10, 2011 would definitely plant a permanent mark in me. A mark all bikers must have. This mark is the passion for bikes, with the promise of never going back to cars.

A few years back, someone told me: "Remember, son: one is too little, two is perfect and four is too much". I smiled, and now I understand what he meant. He meant, that my life is linked with that of bikes and bikers, and that this is perhaps the best part of life: spending it on two wheels.

Yes, it is pretty much the same BeeWee who is taking me all the way down to Swakopmund, up to Luanda, up to Victoria Falls and Zanzibar... Down to Cape town, and bringing me back to safety, and still, working like a charm. Yes, I do have a huge advantage over you with cars. I see the world. You park your car in the garage for a whole year with the fear of it breaking down. My bike is my girl. And I love her. We explore the world together

New bikes will come to my hands soon or later. But April, my lil' blue girl, this one has memories. Memories that will never vanish. Because she is my first.


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